Hi there!

I’m Rebecca Garcia,
tech career coach.

I help professional women leverage their skills, and gain the confidence to uplevel* their career in tech without sacrificing their authenticity.

Are you tired of trying to “fit” into tech roles?

I know I was. I wanted offers from companies that valued my skills and had opportunities to grow.

I knew I was ready to wake up to a career that I loved.

I got out of ‘perfectionism land’ and stopped ‘waiting for the right opportunity‘ to appear.

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by <3 Rebecca

*Adjective. uplevel
(not comparable) (computing)

Having greater capabilities or a higher version number.

I get it.

You’re a busy woman who’s ready to standout, land interviews, and get paid what you deserve.

After working for 7+ years in tech as a…

Developer, Program Manager & Product Manager

I’ve had the privilege to work at Microsoft + Squarespace directly in hiring and with recruiters.

I want to share with you what I wish I had known to fast-track getting to onsite interviews and letting go of self-doubt (aka imposter syndrome) to get to a 6-figure salary.

Your success isn’t about working harder, it’s about working smarter. You are ready to make a quantum career shift.

You have the skills. You have the experience. You have the drive. You just need a framework. 

WHere do you want to be in your tech career?

It’s not your ‘lack of skills’.

It’s not another degree or certification.

It’s not sending out your resume a million times. 


It’s about going from unnoticed to unstoppable.


I’ll guide you through
Tech Career Wellness


Resume Revamp

Learn to reframe your experience to stand out

Career Systems

Uncover + leverage your skills for authentic roles


Build your resilience and next-level confidence

Interview Prep

Hack the process to speed up your progress

Yup, that’s me on the left in pink!  (Fun Fact: I’m in WOCInTechChat stock photos!)

Yup, that’s me on the left in pink! (Fun Fact: I’m in WOCInTechChat stock photos!)

After speaking with Rebecca I feel much more confident and have a clear sense of direction.

I also really appreciate how she used her own examples to give me a clear sense of direction.
— MBA Student
I found resources I might not have discovered without her help.

I also love the feeling of having someone from the tech industry in my corner who really knows what they’re doing and wants to see me succeed.
— Program Manager
Speaking with Rebecca was helpful because I have more understanding about what I should be doing to achieve my career transition.
— Product Manager

Work 1:1 with me

(because you can’t break through the glass ceiling
if you can’t get through the front door!)


You are in the right place to build a tech career that nourishes you.

I want to help you reach your limitless potential
& thrive


What is career coaching?

My career coaching style is to guide you and challenge you to think differently about your experience, how to identify and approach opportunities as well as work on building a mindset and skills that will be helpful no matter where your tech career path takes you.

I have created frameworks, tools and scripts from working in tech. As well as years of additional/continued education and specialized training. I wouldn’t teach anything I wouldn’t do myself, and my goal is to be honest.

How is career coaching different from mentorship?

A mentor is an amazing person who gives you guidance in their spare time. Coaching is similar in that sense, but the main big differences that I offer are accountability, goal setting and a structured program within my client coaching portal). As well as 24/7 email access (with a 24-hour turnaround time), access to online workshops, workbooks and a private community of Unstoppable Women in Tech.

How will we work together?

Our sessions are virtual! I offer video and phone call sessions to connect from anywhere in the world.

I am based in NYC, Eastern Standard Time (EST -4), my general availability is weekends and some weekday evenings.

I also offer a Guided Group Program.

(I do occasionally offer in-person sessions and workshops in NYC.)

Is career coaching right for me?

Career coaching is for you if are ready to:

  • step into the next phase of your career

  • set aside time each week for your career development

  • maintain your positive outlook and are determined

  • are ready to explore new options and opportunities

Career coaching is not for you if you:

  • want someone to do your resume for you

  • you aren’t open to any constructive criticism or feedback

  • won’t take action and want to stay stuck where you are

What are your qualifications?

Coming from a ‘non-traditional’ background (non-CS degree), I know what it’s like to transition into tech to start and then figure out a whole new identity as I went from Developer to Program Manager and then another pivot to Technical Product Manager.

My signature career coaching programs are based on over 7 years of working in tech within hiring, with recruiters and as a job-seeker.

I’ve interviewed at any size from the big 4 (large companies), to small startups, and my background is in STEM education advocacy and teaching. I started off by co-founding a 501(c)3 non-profit teaching kids to code, then managed a full-time technical training program for unemployed and underemployed New Yorkers well as a TA at 2 coding bootcamps.

I’ve also been rejected dozens of dozens of times (so that you don’t have to be!) Along the way, I’ve developed my own signature framework to reframe yours skill and experience to start getting interviews.

Select Qualifications

  • Columbia University Entrepreneurship Fellow

  • Career Coach Certification (in progress)

  • Confidence Coach Certification (in progress)

  • General Assembly Product Management Certificate

Select Awards & Recognition

  • U.S. White House ‘Champion of Change’ for Tech Inclusion from former President Barack Obama

  • Glamour Magazine's 'Top 35 Women Under 35 Changing the Tech Industry'

  • Crain’s Hispanic Executive & Entrepreneur Awards ‘Latino to Watch’

Besides career coaching, I do paid public speaking, sponsored media partnerships and teaching around the globe. I believe that technology is a tool for change. You can read more about my background here »

What type of coaching is right for me?

I recommend 1:1 private coaching for an experienced tailored to your unique needs and career goals usually 3-month or up to 6-month packages.

I recommend group coaching for those who are looking for a deeper understanding of foundational tech job-seeking techniques and accountability through a standardized curriculum.

In the chance that we’re not a fit at the moment, I am happy to refer you to other career coaches who may have offerings that are better suited for your needs.

What if I don't feel 'ready'?

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

There are always times in our life when we feel uncertain, and want to shy away from anything ‘uncomfortable’.

We’re often taught that success can only be achieved if you work til you burn out (and everything sucks!)

I don’t believe in that.

I believe that you have an amazing opportunity to step into the ‘now’ to create your future, and you won’t do it alone.

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